Jamaica ! Ya mon

An itnary by Zvalee - 3 years ago
Duration: 3 days 5 hours
Distance covered on Earth: 11822.5 km/7346.2 mi
Budget (avg. per person): $1001 to $2500
Level of Planning: A few Hours
Highlights: N/A

Day 1
Start: 09:00  Chicago midway airport
End: 14:00 Sang steer international airport Montego Bay
Mode: Airplane
Distance: 2751.4 km/1709.7 mi
Places to Eat: Grab a sandwhich at potbelly to eat on the plane
Start: 14:00  Sang steer international airport Montego Bay
End: 16:00 runaway bay
Mode: Bus
Distance: 2570.3 km/1597.1 mi
Sights: The bus ride is about two hours.. You can either take a nap or just look outside the window to get a feel of Jamaica
Activities: The shuttle bus driver throughout the ride will point to different places of interest all the way
Food/Drink: Bring from snacks when leaving the us.. The shuttle bus ride from the Montego Bay airport to Ochoa Rios is around 2 hours
Places to Eat: Grab something at the airport
Places to Stay: Jewel paradise cove and beach resort and spa run away bay is an adults only all inclusive resort
Start: 16:00  runaway bay
End: 16:30 Jewel paradise cove
Mode: Bus
Distance: 2619 km/1627.4 mi
Sights: Kunokoo falls, Ocho Rios, Dunn river falls
Activities: Loads of activities .. Snorkeling, atv ride .. Check out chukka tours for a full list of guided tours
Food/Drink: Must try the Jamaican jerk chicken and the goat curry .. Red stripe beer and bob Marley shots
Places to Eat: The resort being all inclusive had a variety of dining options .. Italian, all American and japenese
Places to Stay: Lot of all inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios.. Choose one with a free shuttle to the airport
Start: 16:30  Jewel paradise cove
End: 09:00 (+1 days) Dunn river falls
Mode: Bus
Distance: 1944.2 km/1208.1 mi
Sights: kunokoo water falls.. Markets of Ocho Rios, Dunn river falls, Bob Marley house
Activities: Bob Marley tour, bathe in the Dunn rive falls, climb the kunokoo falls. The very adventurous can try ganja sold all throughout Jamaica.. There is a shop near Bob Marlee's house that sells cakes with ganja ..
Food/Drink: Jerk chicken and a red stripe is an unbeatable combination
Places to Eat: Local restaurants .. I would suggest eating back at the resort since you have paid for it anyway ..
Places to Stay: All inclusive resorts, sandals resorts, Jewel resorts, Riu resorts

Day 2
Start: 09:00  Dunn river falls
End: 15:00 (+2 days) Montego Bay airport
Mode: Bus
Distance: 1937.6 km/1204 mi
Sights: Flying back home today.. Enjoyed Jamaica