Northern Kerala

An itnary by sri - 4 years ago
Duration: 3 days 3 hours
Distance covered on Earth: 317.1 km/197.1 mi
Budget (avg. per person): $0 to $50
Level of Planning: Zero - Just go with it
Highlights: Wayanad, Dharmadam Island, Beach, Bekal Fort, Kerala, God's own country

Day 1
Start: 15:00  Kozhikode, Kerala
End: 09:00 (+1 days) Thusharagiri, Kerala
Mode: Car
Distance: 36.3 km/22.5 mi
Sights: Thusharagiri falls
Activities: Hike around Thisharagiri falls
Places to Stay: Hotel Thushara International

Day 2
Start: 09:00  Thusharagiri, Kerala
End: 08:00 (+1 days) Thalassery, Kerala
Mode: Car, Bus
Distance: 67.9 km/42.2 mi
Sights: Rolling hills, Kuruwadweep, Soochipara Falls
Activities: Hike around Soochipara falls, Bus from Kozhikode to Thalassery
Places to Eat: Udupi Hotel Thalassery
Places to Stay: Pranam Lodge Thalassery

Day 3
Start: 08:00  Thalassery, Kerala
End: 06:00 (+1 days) Kanhangad, Kerala
Mode: Bus
Distance: 74.9 km/46.6 mi
Sights: Dharmadam Island, Beach, Rural Kerala
Activities: Walk to the Island at low tide, Bus from Thalassery to Kannur, Bus from Kannur to Kanhangad
Places to Eat: Rara Avis Restaurant Thalassery, Metropole Kanhangad
Places to Stay: Some Lodge in Kanhangad

Day 4
Start: 06:00  Kanhangad, Kerala
End: 18:00 Kozhikode, Kerala
Mode: Bus, Train
Distance: 138 km/85.8 mi
Sights: Bekal Fort, Sunset in Kozhikode
Activities: Bus to Bekal Fort, Photography, Train from Kanhangad to Kozhikode, Visit Kozhikode Beach
Places to Eat: Malnadu Kanhangad