Houlton, Maine

Charlotte to Chicago, via Houlton, ME

An itnary by sri - 4 years ago
Duration: 2 days 3 hours
Distance covered on Earth: 3277 km/2036.2 mi
Budget (avg. per person): $101 to $250
Level of Planning: Zero - Just go with it
Highlights: Road trip, I-95, Road Warriors, I-90

Day 1
Start: 21:00  Charlotte, NC
End: 19:00 (+1 days) Houlton, ME
Mode: Car
Distance: 1630.1 km/1012.9 mi
Washington Monument @ 5AMA 'smokin' morning, just outside RichmondCruising along the picturesque CT 15Live free or Die!Love Maines obsession with puns
Sights: Washington DC, Richmond, New York City, Boston, Portland, Houlton
Activities: Drive the I-95, Enjoy the sights, Pay lots of tolls
Places to Stay: Take turns sleeping

Day 2
Start: 19:00  Houlton, ME
End: 23:00 (+1 days) Chicago, IL
Mode: Car
Distance: 1646.8 km/1023.3 mi
As north as you go on the I-95 - exit stage left!A beautiful morning in MassachusettsAnd New York!Sunrise to Sunset on I-90W
Sights: Upstate New York, Houlton Town Center, US-Canada border
Activities: Drive the I-95S, Rest in Providence, Drive the I-90W, Enjoy the sights
Places to Stay: Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel