An itnary by Aparna - 3 years ago
Duration: 2 days
Distance covered on Earth: 139.1 km/86.4 mi
Budget (avg. per person): 5,001 INR - 10,000 INR
Level of Planning: A few Hours
Highlights: Beach, Photography, Local Bazar

Day 1
Start: 10:00  Chennai
End: 23:30 Puducherry
Mode: Car
Distance: 139.1 km/86.4 mi
Sights: Pondicherry Museum, Aurobindo Ashram, Promenade beach, Casablanca
Places to Eat: Villa Shanti
Places to Stay: The Richmond

Day 2
Start: 09:30  Puducherry
End: 22:30 Puducherry
Mode: Car
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
En route Auro villeTemple
Sights: Auroville, Auroville Beach, Manakula Vinayagar Temple
Activities: Shopping at Auroville, Photography
Places to Eat: La pasta, Le club, Satsanga
Start: 12:00  Puducherry
End: 10:00 (+1 days) Puducherry
Mode: Car
Distance: 0 m/0 mi
Sights: Puduchery Beach, French war Memorial, French Colony, old light house, Notre Dame des Agnes Church
Places to Eat: Rendezvous, The Promenade