1. What is Itnary.com?

Itnary.com is your travel diary, in the cloud. It allows you to record your travel experiences in a simple, structured format, called itnaries, that include locations, times, modes of transport used and any other travel notes and pics.

2. Can I control what others see?

Itnaries can be Private or Public. Private itnaries would only be visible to you, and you can continue to build your personal travel journal. Public itnaries allow other visitors to be inspired by your experiences and either use it, or build one of their own.

3. What is an Itnary?

itnary noun /ɑɪˈtɪner·i/

  • itinerary
  • A route or proposed route of a journey
  • A record of a journey
  • A guidebook for travelers

Here at Itnary.com, we aim to simplify itineraries, and have adopted the easier-to-pronounce word 'itnary' in its place. So in short, an itnary is a simplified itinerary.

Every itnary has the following components:

  • Itnary Title
  • Cover pic
  • Itnary Highlights
  • One or more Itnary Segments, where each segment represents a part of the itnary that you wish to highlight

4. What is an Itnary Segment?

A Segment is a part of the itnary, that you wish to highlight. A Segment can be used to describe the time spent during travel or the time spent at a certain location.

Every Segment consists of the following set of fields, that help describe the segment:

  • Segment Start Date/TIme and Location
  • Segment End Date/TIme and Location
  • Mode of transportation
  • Pics
  • Highlights

So if you wanted to describe the time spent at a particular location, the Segment Start and End Location would be the same, while you provide more details on how you spent the time at the location.

If you wanted to record the time spent traveling between two locations, you can enter different Start and End Locations, along with details on how you spent the time during travel.

5. What kind of Itnaries can I record on Itnary.com?

You can record and share just about any kind of itnary, irrespective of the duration, the num of locations, or the distance traveled. Here're a few examples to get you thinking:

  • A Hiking experience
  • Exploring a city on a bike
  • A road-trip
  • A train journey
  • A Multi-destination itinerary
  • A cruise
  • A world tour
  • etc...

This list provides a few examples and is not comprehensive, so get started and identify what itnaries you wish to record and share with the world.

6. How do I record an Itnary?

Once you've decided which experience you wish to record as an itnary, here're a set of steps to help guide you through the process of creating it on Itnary.com

  1. Structure you Itnary
    Identify which parts of your trip you wish to highlight; These will be your segments. Here's a video to help visualize this step.

  2. Record your Itnary
    This consists of 3 simple steps. Here's a short video to demonstrate this:

    In case you are not into videos, here's a description of the 3 steps:

    1. Create Itnary
      • Once logged in, and on the 'Home' page, enter a title for your itnary in the text-box under the section "New Itnary", and click on 'Create'. You'll notice that your new itnary, along with the title, now appears under the 'In Progress' section at the top of your 'Home' page
    2. Add Segments
      • Click on '+ Add First Segment' to start building your itnary. Enter all fields on the displayed form.
      • Once done, click 'Save'. This saves the current segment and displays the segments in your itnary, including the one you just added.
      • Click on 'Add Details' for the segment you just added. You'll then be directed to a form where you can edit the 'Modes of Transportation, or add additional Highlights or Pictures for the segment. Only the 'Modes of Transportation field is Mandatory on this form.
      • Once done, click 'Save'. This saves the details you just entered for the segment and displays the segments in your itnary with the details you just added.
      • To add the Next segment, click on '+ Add Next Segment' along the segment you just entered. Enter all fields on the displayed form. Note that while adding the next segment, the Start Date/Time and Location are pre-populated with the Previous segments' End Date/Time and Location respectively (and cannot be edited), so there's no need for you to re-enter these details.
      • Once done, click 'Save'. This saves the current segment and displays the segments in your itnary, including the one you just added.
      • Click on 'Add Details' to add HIghlights and Pictures for the segment you just added, and Click 'Save'.
      • Continue adding segments (by clicking on the '+ Add Next Segment' against the latest segment) until all segments along with the optional highlights and pictures are added.
    3. Publish
      • Once all segments are added, click on the 'Publish Itnary' button at the top of the page. Enter all applicable details on the displayed form. Only the "Itnary Privacy Level" is Mandatory on this form.
      • Once done, click 'Publish'. This publishes your itnary, and lets you view the itnary. If marked Public, feel free to start sharing the link to the page, and all visitors will now be able to view your recently published itnary.

Please Contact us, if you have any trouble recording any itnary.

7. Should I record the entire itnary in one shot?

Not necessarily. Once you've created an itnary or recorded any one of the individual segments or its details for the itnary, you are free to navigate away from the page. All unpublished itnaries are displayed at the top of the 'Home' page. To continue recording your itnary, just choose the appropriate action for your itnary from the 'Home' page.

8. What's in it for me?

Should you choose to use and contribute to itnary.com, here's what you get:

  • Your Personal Travel Diary: You can have all your travel experiences recorded in a single location, and use it as a nostalgia trigger
  • An Option to Share your Experiences: You can easily share any 'public' itnaries with your family, friends, travel buddies, and just about anyone, including that colleague who asked you about your weekend during small talk on Monday
  • A Vast Resource of Travel Ideas: You can use itnary.com to browse and find journeys shared by other users, that can help trigger a few ideas of your own